Kamis, 09 April 2009

Cheat New Speed Bot Gunbound 2009

This cheat speed bot gunbound contains cheat such as, gold hack, gp hack, poweruser, poweruser+, instant win, sudden death, double kill and more. You can turn off the cheat or turning on another cheat at anytime. How to use :
1: Download the file and extract it to anywhere
2: Open the contain file and install vcredist_x86.
3: Check if the Injector.exe is in the SAME folder as Speed.dll, if not, do so.
4: Execute the Injector (Vista users, right click and run as administrator).
5: Start Gunbound and the trainer will pop up after Gameguard loads.
6: Click on Show Gunbound to show Gunbound, Hide to hide it.
7: To start cheats click on Show cheats, another window will pop up and all the cheats are listed there

download cheat speed bot

thanks to gzp

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