Minggu, 15 Februari 2009

Cheat Perfect Valentine Audition

Now, audition patch valentine edition, you can use cheat perfect on/off audition. How to use cheat perfect valentine audition :
1. extract with winrar
2. open controlcenter
3. tick injection mode
4. choose the green ?
5. choose nProtect.dll
6. leave hack open, go audition, at login page press f4
7. login with your usual id and password
8. in game press alt + s to unfreeze the circle in bar , press alt + d to freeze the bar again (for all perfects)

or you can other ways :

1. download rar cheat perfect on/off audition and extract it
2. open the extract file and open the control centre (inf configuration setting file)
3. change the number of skipnews, example : skipnews = 1 to skipnews=2, if you click cross, it comes out a ? you just click “No”
4. open control centre, if you’ve trouble, you go to extract again and do step 3
5. open control centre and you can hack now

If you’ve problem with the error randomly comes put, you can open the control centre and change to skipnews = 2, then save it. Change back to skipnews = 1 again and you can hack now
You can use it in freestyle and you keep pressing ALT + S and you use it on license and story

download cheat valentine

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